You Only Run out of Ideas When You Stop Living

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You don't have any ideas to write about? I can't relate. The amount of ideas I get every day is overwhelming, actually.

Ideas are all around me. It comes when I’m just chilling. It comes when I'm busy. Lots of ideas come in the shower, but I lose those quicker than they come.

Ideas come when I’m falling asleep which is why I toss and turn so much. Sometimes ideas keep me up at night and I feel like I’m losing it when I’m waking up in the middle of the night to write things down.

I get ideas when I drive in silence. My imaginary notebook comes in handy in those times when I'm too occupied to use my hands.

I find ideas when I listen to podcasts on Youtube. Lots and lots of brilliant ideas in podcasts!

Music brings messages. Movies too. When I watch Netflix, I’m not just watching to watch. I’m up to something so I keep a sticky note close by.

The conversation I have with a total stranger sparks ideas. Ideas come on my daily walks. It comes during meditation.

I don't run out of ideas when I have social media. When you scroll through your timeline and observe others, you will find plenty of things to write about.

Observe those who complain all day long, those who are genuinely happy, and those who just fake it to make it.

There are ideas in the life you live. Are you happy? Are anxiety and depression getting you down? Are you bored? Tired of being tired? Overwhelmed, maybe? Exhausted? Turn them into ideas.

Something crazy happened to you? Did you get cheated on? What did you learn from the experience? Did you cheat on someone? Well, shame on you. But write about it.

Battling an illness or disease? Please share that story today. It will inspire someone out there.

You can't run out of ideas when you have Medium. It's the home of brilliant ideas! If I disagree with something, it's something to write about.

If I agree with something, it's an idea. Read a lot and you will never lack ideas.

Are you a parent? Parents don't run out of ideas. When my child misbehaves and I keep my cool, that's a topic.

When I lose it, I share my experience. When she does something cool, it’s an idea. And if her father pisses me off, oh heck yes, I’m writing about it.

When life is going great, I have things to write about, and when it sucks someone wants to hear about it.

You say you have trouble coming up with ideas, well I can’t relate with that thought.

I run out of ideas when I stop living. What a perfect idea!

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