This is Why You’re Facing So Many Troubles

To them, you’re a threat

Kimberly Fosu
6 min readApr 14, 2022


(Photo: Pintera Studio)

The Matrix

We are in a spiritual war and most people are still asleep, still being entertained by the matrix and they are being attacked every day. Those chosen to do the work to bring peace and balance to the world are also being attacked. They want people to live in an endless illusion, a state of chaos and confusion.

We live in a world of total deception.

Deception is the matrix, and the matrix is deception.

If the mind vibrates in the frequency of the matrix, the spirit lives in deception and that opens you up to negative thoughts and entities.

These entities use deception to build a false reality and a deceptive delusion in order to keep you away from the truth.

They use deception in an attempt to get you to believe something that is not true, so you will fall into their trap.

You’re chosen for a mission. Stay awake, aware and alert, and don’t fall into the enemy’s trap.

Be careful of the things you play around with and consume.

In the matrix, what you think is a lie is the truth and what you thought is the truth is the lie.



Kimberly Fosu

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