The Bad Things That Saves Us From Worse Things

“With every misfortune, there’s a blessing”

Obstacles and roadblocks in your path are sometimes detours to avoid serious problems down the road. (Photo: Nandhu Kumar)

The day I was involved in a car accident, I had a strong feeling not to go out. I had just discovered Postmates — the food delivery app — and it was fascinating how much money I was making just by driving around town picking up food and bringing it to people. I was on the road all day long. My intuition to stay home that night was strong but I ignored it and went out to “work” anyways. The other car came out of nowhere and hit my front passenger side. I wasn’t hurt, and neither was the other driver. But my entire front bumper came off. They towed my car away, and I called a cab. As soon as I entered the cab, the clock changed to 444. I immediately knew what had just happened. I needed to pay attention and listen to my intuition.

Our spirit guides are always saving us from worse situations by making bad things happen. Sometimes they are involved in things going wrong in our lives so we can stop. This can seem ridiculous and crazy but it’s true. They will step in and create a bad situation to prevent an even worse situation. They assess your timeline as you are walking it and they notice that if you keep walking on that path, things are going to get really bad. They make things messy in order to protect you from a messier situation down the line.

Spirit guides orchestrate situations in the present moment so you change course or divert onto a different timeline.

When bad things happen, it may not seem like a blessing but it is helping you move away from an even horrible situation down the road. (Photo: shauking)

When my friend Daniel told me he sprained his ankle during a soccer game, I chuckled. I wasn’t happy that he was hurt, I was happy that he would be forced to slow down and take it easy. He is a hard working nurse practitioner working two jobs with no days off. He is always tired and complains of aches and pains but he still finds time to go running, work out, play soccer, and go hiking. This doesn’t leave him enough time to rest. He told me he was going to play with his friends on his only day off in weeks. I adviced him to rest instead. When I received the text message from him saying he was hurt and may need to take time off from work, I knew what had happened.

What happened to him was very similar to what happened to me. My guides orchestrated a fender bender to save me from an even bigger accident. Being on the road so much was dangerous and anything could happen to me. No matter how much I was making, it just wasn’t worth it. His guides made him sprain his ankle so he would be forced to rest.

Our guides are always communicating with us and you won’t even have to worry about learning their language. They know your language and will communicate with you in a way you can understand.

In my case, they communicated with me through repeating numbers because I know how to interpret them. People are messengers. In his case, they used me to give him the message. I tried to warn him so many times that he needed to slow down. Spirit guides will mold their messages according to your strengths and talents. Let’s say you are a person who dreams often and easily. You remember your dreams and can interpret them. Guess what way your guides will communicate to you? Through your gift of dreams. The only thing you need to do is to know your strengths and talents so they can talk to you through them.

The idea of spirit guides is a complicated subject. A lot of people don’t want to hear about it. Our parents and caretakers refuse to engage in such topics. The reason people don’t connect with our guides is that we are so afraid of it. We have these fears from religious templates and pop culture horror movies. We are told and shown to be afraid of the spirit world; it is dangerous and you have to be careful not to open yourself up to bad things. But fearing the spiritual side of life is fearing a part of who you are.

If you knew just how powerful you are and that you could connect and ask your guides for help and guidance at any time then there’d be nothing to fear. Your guides are put in your life to assist you in the physical world and they will course-correct you when they know you are headed down the wrong path. So when life seems chaotic and messy, it just may be a blessing in disguise.

Ghanaian-American. Certified Life Coach. Conscious Leadership. I write about the mystical and rebel against rigid beliefs. Shhh✨

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