Success is personal

Success is Knowing That Life is Filled with Abundance

And being grateful for all of it

Success is being able to have fun. (Photo: sobhan joodi)

I had a narrow definition of success when I was younger. It involved going to college and getting a corporate job that paid me good money and had good health benefits. It involved making lots of money, having a large savings account, and being able to afford everything I wanted. It also involved finding a man, getting married, and having some kids. After I achieved some of those things, it still felt as if something was missing. And the things I couldn't achieve left me feeling tired and frustrated. I later realized that those weren’t my idea of success. It was other people’s idea of success. It was society’s idea.

Society’s idea of success kept me on life’s hamster wheel, running faster and faster, chasing a carrot that seemed way out of my reach. This constant chasing left me feeling unfulfilled and miserable, and success without fulfillment just didn’t feel good.

As we grow up, it’s easy to get caught up in a chase for things that don’t serve us. We get so caught up that we don’t enjoy our own journey. We may have the ultimate success right in front of us, and we still miss it because we are focused on other people’s ideas of success.

Success means different things for different people, and I hadn’t defined my personal success. I had to figure out what it meant for me. I was surprised to learn that I was already successful and not even aware of it. I didn't need to keep chasing after success.

Success for me is being fulfilled. It is being able to give back to the world and making a difference. Success is overcoming my fears and making my voice heard. It is helping others change their lives through the things I have to share. Success is doing my best and not giving up. It is having a few good friends and inspiring them to keep going when times are tough. Success is having a family who loves me no matter what. It is having a place to go where everybody knows my name. Success is being able to return home. It’s taking care of my family and putting a huge smile on my mother’s face! It’s honoring my father and making him proud wherever he is. Success is seeing my daughter have so much fun every day! It's me having fun too! Success is loving and being loved back. It is knowing that my life is filled with love and abundance. Success is the fire in my soul and the twinkle in my eyes.

Success is mastering my craft every day and improving my skills. It is being open-minded to learn new things each day. Success is standing my ground when I believe in something! It is having the courage to call myself a writer. Success is being paid good money to fulfill my soul mission. It is being happy being an entrepreneur and living the life of my dreams.

Success is being fulfilled. Success without fulfillment doesn’t feel good.

Success is a journey. It’s having fun on my journey and not comparing my journey to anyone else’s. It’s being able to celebrate every little win. The more positive energy I infused into every little step toward success, the more momentum I created which helped me manifest my dreams and desires faster. And being grateful for every little success is a magnet for more!

Ghanaian-American. Certified Life Coach. Conscious Leadership. I write about the mystical and rebel against rigid beliefs. Shhh✨

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