Reach out to him, Tim. I think it’s time. It’ll give you closure so you can move on and free it off your mind.

Sometimes releasing the emotions and sharing the experience is the final part of letting go.

Once you open up and share the story, you can finally put it behind you. I shared a story of how I was duped back then when I was an aspiring model lol. I shared it to release the experience so I can let go.

Reading Tim’s story brought me the concept of “Mindful sharing” — Sharing our stories to inspire others; even when they are hard to talk about.

I will definitely write another article about the topic. Come check it out once it’s done.

If you read this and can resonate you can use the idea of “mindful sharing” or steal it(idc). Write an article about it if you want to. Mention me once you’re done I want to read it!

I’d love to know other inspired writers’ take on it.

“The final part of letting go is releasing it”

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