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My Faith Was Being Tested, So I Tested God

Miracles happen every day

If God tests me sometimes, then I can test Him sometimes! (Photo: Cason Asher)

The last time I went to Ghana was in 2017, and that was the last time I saw my father before he passed away in March 2020. I was supposed to go home to see him, but the pandemic came and shut everything down, including flights. I was stuck in the states while my father was being buried.

This year I had to go home, but I didn’t want to wait around and risk things getting shutdown again so I got visas early. When I was ready to go, I got plane tickets and packed our baggage — for my daughter and I — so it was within the airline's weight limit. The last time I went I had forgotten to get a visa for my daughter because I had a Ghanaian passport and assumed since she’s my kid and only two years old, it'd be good. Ha! I knew nothing, and also my baggage was over the airline's weight limit. That trip didn't go as planned, so this time I did everything right. I wanted nothing holding me back from getting home.

But there’s something different about traveling these days; negative COVID test results are required for international trips and the tests must be done no more than 72 hours prior to the flight. It takes 3–5 days to get PCR test results back, which meant there was a chance we wouldn’t get our results back on time.

During the appointment for the tests, they clearly said test results for travel aren’t guaranteed to arrive on time. It was a dilemma, but I still moved forward with my plans because I’m always optimistic.

Our flight was booked for Sunday and I took the COVID test early Friday morning so that it’d still be in the 72-hour timeframe for when we board the plane. I called Walgreens Saturday evening to follow up on results and they said it was possible we wouldn’t get it on time and we were looking at getting them back on Wednesday because of the weekend but I didn’t want to hear that!

My family were all excited and expecting me, and I would not disappoint them by saying the trip may have to be canceled. I woke up Sunday morning and the test results weren’t there, although the lab was open on the weekends. My spirit was super low, and I was scared.

My faith was being tested, so I tested God. They say God sometimes tests man, so I decided to test God this time around to see if He was real and could come through for me. Daughters can also test their fathers, and I was bold enough to do it!

I said, “I know a God as big as You can work some easy magic to get my NEGATIVE covid test results to me on time for my trip, so show me who You really are. Please?”

I asked Him to prove to me how powerful He is! He's got the whole world in His hands and can see everything, and I needed Him to show me! Since He knows everything, then He knows how much I miss home and needed those results back. I felt inclined to meditate, and I didn't hesitate. I meditated for an hour. Desperate times!

All I know is how effortlessly things went my way whenever I released expectations and resistance.

I finished meditating, but I was still anxious. I allowed myself to feel what I was feeling. I was anxious, and I didn't feel like pretending all was good because it wasn't. I was checking my email every 30 minutes awaiting the results.

My flight was scheduled for 7:55 pm on Sunday. I planned on leaving the house around 4 pm to head for the airport so I called the lab again around 12 pm and they had no results for me and the representative told me I may get the results on Wednesday. I explained to the human that I needed the results that day to travel if there was anything she could do to help speed up the process, but every human I spoke to was just useless! Sorry humans!

I gave up on asking humans to help, and my only hope was God. I started visualizing the negative results come in right on time. But 1 pm and still no results. Sigh! I kept visualizing and meditating as I packed.

I checked my email again at 2:05 pm and my daughter's negative test results were in! What? Yes, God! That's what I'm talking about! Mine wasn't there yet, but I knew it was on its way! 15 minutes later, my negative results were in. I closed my eyes and took the biggest deep breath I had ever taken! I was so shocked, happy and relieved!

I must have forgotten how easily life went my way every day that I meditated. (Photo: Dmitry Shamis)

I was just so amazed all I could do was look up and smile. I’d just witnessed a miracle! I got to the airport at 5:30 pm and when I went to check my bags; they asked for passports and COVID negative test results.

I asked the lady if they’d let someone on board with no results, even if they took the test and hadn't gotten the results, and she said no way that’d be too risky!

He’s got the whole world in His hands and it’s true!

The entire time my heart was so full. My faith was restored! When the plane took off and we were inside the clouds, I looked outside and felt so close to God literally and felt spirit all around me. Tears run down my mask covered face as I closed my eyes and had another chat with God.

“That was a miracle, old man! I’m sorry I doubted you and tested you, but I’m happy to know that you love me and you got your eyes on me. Thanks for coming through to help me when I need it the most.”

The whole thing was such a beautiful and life-changing experience! When things don't go my way, I tend to think God is too busy to give a fuck about me! But never again will I feel that way!

So maybe the test was going to come in on time, anyway. Maybe it’s because meditation is still dope and makes life effortless! Maybe the angels got to work on my behalf, or maybe God Himself did it! I don’t know. All I know is I’ll never feel as if God has forsaken me ever again!

He promised me a long time ago that he would never leave nor forsake me, and he didn’t. Now more than ever, I’ll trust Him no matter what!


Ghanaian-American. Certified Life Coach. Conscious Leadership. I write about the mystical and rebel against rigid beliefs. Shhh✨

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