A Review of Sarah Turner’s Write Your Way to Freedom Course

Here is my review of the “write your way to freedom” copywriting course

You crave freedom. Just like me. You want the freedom to do what you want whenever you want to. Now you are wondering if Sarah Turner’s Write Your Way to Freedom copywriting course is legit and if it's right for you. Here is my review of the course.

The Course Called To Me and I Immediately Knew

Before I started Sarah Turner’s Write Your Way To Freedom course, I was thinking about going back to school to get a degree. Because that is what society says we should do, right? Go to school, rack up on student loan debt, get a degree, get a job, earn money to pay the debt. Sigh.

That sounds nothing like freedom. The moment I found out about Sarah's course, I immediately knew that was what I was supposed to be pursuing. It spoke to me. Freedom was calling me, so I heeded and signed up for the course.

Sarah knows what's important, so she included a mindset course. Without the right mindset, even the little things will seem out of reach. That module was a game-changer for me and it opened my eyes to a world of infinite possibilities. It showed me there was so much I was capable of.

Write Your Way To Freedom course is concise, simple, and straight to the point. She understands her students have no time to waste. She knows who she is and what she needs to do to help her students succeed in their copywriting business. I took the course not just to learn about copywriting. I took the course to learn to be a writer.

Freedom Meant More

Now, this review of Sarah’s Write Your Way to Freedom course will be more about the knowledge I gained from taking the course and not really about how much I’ve earned. Yes, I love money so much, money flows to me easily, but money was not my main reason.

Cassidy, one of Sarah's students, talks about how much she's making, which is a lot, and wow. Just check out her review here.

Freedom and knowledge was my main reason. I wanted to learn the proper techniques of writing. The mindset module of the course empowered me so much I remember learning that module and sitting at my desk at work saying those affirmations out loud. Right then I realized I could achieve anything.

She’s Badass

Before the course, I was lost. I knew I was meant to be a writer, but I wasn’t sure where to start. I wanted to be mentored by a strong, powerful woman with a boss mentality. And that is what Sarah is. She is a boss lady and oh she’s an Aries so you know what that means — fire, power, and lots of passion. She’s also a badass pole dancer! Ah. Who else would I want to mentor me?

What She Teaches You

She teaches you everything you need to become successful. She explains why and how copywriting is the easiest and fastest way to becoming your boss and living the laptop lifestyle and how it's even possible.

She gives you the entire course immediately and you can work on it at your own pace, which is awesome and convenient. There are no annoying deadlines to complete the course. Study when you feel like it. Because that is what freedom is all about.

It's Legit and She Offers a Free Course Too!

Just like you, I was worried whether it was legit. Allow me to calm your fears. Write Your Way To Freedom course is 100% legit. No deceit. No scams — that's some low vibrational crap.

Before you even pay any money, she offers a free course and that alone is worth so much. The moment I completed the free course, I was yearning for more. And she wants you to enjoy the course so there is a 14-day guarantee. If you sign up and find that it's not for you, she will give you your money back.

There’s an Amazing Support Group

Yes, she has a great student-only Facebook group. And it is so much fun! Maybe a little addicting, oops. Everybody there is so kind and supportive. When you sign up for the course, she gives you access to the group where you can ask questions, share your wins, and be amongst like-minded writers.

She also has a weekly Live Q&A session and Tuesday work sessions where you can find extra help. And she responds to your emails and is very active in the group, so if you need your mentor, you can always find her. She is with you every step of the way.

Do I recommend Write Your Way To Freedom Course?

Yes, I recommend it. Taking the course was one of the best decisions I made and I don't regret it. I have gained so much experience and have become a better writer. You don’t have to currently be a writer. All you need is to be able to speak, think, and write.

The course shows you exactly what you need to do. From how to get your first client, how to price your work, and how to build a portfolio/website. She shows you how to stand out from the crowd. She’s made the course super easy to understand. You learn at your own pace and she teaches you everything you need to run your writing business.

If you crave freedom from your 9 to 5 job, this course is for you. If you want to make more money working in your underwear from anywhere in the world, this course is for you. If you want more time to spend with your family, this course is for you. If you find the laptop lifestyle fascinating, this is the course you've been searching for. And if you want to be your own boss, write your way to being your own damn boss!

And the best thing about Sarah Turner’s “Write Your Way to Freedom” Copywriting Course is you don’t need any experience. She shows you how to build your writing skills from the ground up. So what are you waiting for? Let’s write our way to freedom.

If you have questions, send me a message at kimberlyfosuwrites@gmail.com or leave them in the comments below.

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Ghanaian-American | Spiritual Life Coach | Creative Writer | Pisces/Aquarius. I love writing about the mystical ✨ https://linktr.ee/Kimberly.fosu

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