Dear Twin Flame

I Love You But I’m Not Chasing You

A typical twin flame story

“A twin flame is an intense soul connection, thought to be a person’s other half. It’s based on the idea that sometimes one soul gets split into two bodies.” (Photo: Avonne Stalling)

My twin flame is finally here, and he’s perfect for me. The chemistry and the attraction feel so good! He’s my exact opposite, but not in an overbearing Pisces-Leo, introvert-extrovert duo. It’s the magical Pisces-Virgo, both introverts perfect for each other kind of match made in the cosmos. It feels right! It’s like God Himself swiped right on both of us and brought us together. He mirrors me and I mirror him. He shows me myself and I show him himself. Although I’m spiritual and he’s a scientist, he's not close-minded, no. He’s fascinated with spirituality and wants to listen to me talk about it all day long. Spending time with him feels so good.

I took three years to heal and get myself ready for this man; you know? We were made to be; I feel it. I know it. I dreamt it the first night I slept in his bed while he took the couch to make me feel comfortable. He's such a gentleman and made no advances towards me, making me feel right at home. In the dream, we were one soul split apart. Our souls were handcrafted and split by God so that we could heal ourselves and find each other to rekindle our flame. I wake up with a smile on my face all morning. Opposites really do attract and he agrees. He pulls me in and he kisses me and I’m kissing him back. I feel our split souls merging again. We stop kissing and he gazes into my soul. I gaze right back. He tells me he likes me. Well, I think I like you too. He takes my hand.

He has an uncertain look on his face now. He lets go of my hand and he takes off running. I extend my hand, reaching out for him. Wait! Why are you running? Don’t run from this, babe. I know you haven’t felt this way before; I haven’t either but don’t be afraid. I got you. He stops and starts walking back towards me. He gazes into my eyes this time and I know what he’s thinking. Words weren’t needed, “Who are you and what spell have you got me on?”

With no words, I answer, “You’re my twin flame baby, can’t you see?”

“When you find your twin flame, there’s a certain larger-than-life quality that likely feels divine or predestined. There is a feeling that you have been brought together by a higher power.” (Photo: Gerd Altmann)

He’s looking at me like a mystical being. I feel what he feels. I feel the fire burning in his soul, blazing towards me. But it’s too much for my twin he can’t handle it. His scientific brain can’t comprehend and his logical mind is waking up. He takes off. Oh, no! How can you turn your back on something from the heavens? Why can’t he see how special this is? Days later, he comes to his senses; it seemed. He comes back to me. I thought I lost you. He kisses me ever so passionately, but he feels this love is deeper than the ocean itself and it’ll consume him. We part lips and he turns his back on me again!

He says, “This is too much. I’m not ready. The intensity took me by surprise.” He tells me his last relationship messed him up really bad. He’s falling too fast and too deep, and he’s terrified.

“My last relationship messed me up pretty bad too, but I’m not afraid because I healed my past to prepare for this moment,” I say. He leaves and he returns. My twin can’t seem to stay gone and I’m over it! I know who I am. Queens don’t chase.

“The chase is definitely a part of the twin flame relationship. At some point, one of you may walk away, out of fear. But they’ll always come back.” (Photo: dhivehiraajje)

“I love you, baby,” he takes my hand and says.

“I love you too, but I’m done chasing you. I’m sorry this won’t work. Maybe in the next life, we’ll both be ready at the same time, ” I say with a sad face.

“But I need you,” he says quickly.

“My crown fell the last time I chased after you. I watched you turn your back on me over and over again. You return only to run again. You aren't ready for this union. You have work to do. Until you heal yourself and past, you'll always run from me making our love impossible. I love you, but I won't chase you,” I say with a tear down my face. He wipes it off.

“Bye, love,” I turn my back and walk away.

He chases. I shake my head.

A typical twin-flame story.

Ghanaian-American | Certified Life Coach | Conscious Leadership | Creative Writing I write about the mystical ✨

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