Hmm I hate politics but this was very interesting. But why would trump want to lie about having COVID-19?

This only hurts his image and questions his ability and fitness to lead the United States. And besides the fact that he downplayed this whole situation and made jokes about it. Melania has it because she’s his wife she will be around him.

It’s possible they have it because they are around a bunch of people with no face masks.

Even if you don’t believe there’s are actual viruses, tell me once that there’s something out there thats extremely dangerous and can harm me and shut the whole country and other countries down and tell me “protect yourself. Stay home.”

You’re damn right I’ll take precautions and wear the damn mask even when I hate those pesky things!

He thought presidency meant immunity. Presidents aren’t mortals. Presidents bleed too!

If he’s making this up then it brings me to ask, “Why lie about it when it’s only going to hurt his chances of winning?”

All the people that were around Trump stand a chance of getting sick. They’ll lose faith in him.

This is interesting. I’m definitely writing about this. Come check it out. I have some thoughts of my own to share.

Crazy times!

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