You can’t have your faith shaken because of Trump or Jk Rowling’s or police brutality. None of that has anything to do with Him.

That is all humanity’s doing. It’s humanity you should lose faith in. We failed Him and not the other way around.

Our purpose here is to seek our own truth by following our souls lead. You chose to come here at this time. To be a witness. You came to play a part.

It’s ok if you find that hard to believe. But don’t worry. One day, this will all be over and you’ll get the chance to ask God anything you want and He will explain everything so just have your questions ready for when that day comes.

And oh, all your feelings are valid! Each and every one. Hold on!

Written by

Ghanaian-American | Spiritual Life Coach | Creative Writer | Pisces/Aquarius. I love writing about the mystical ✨

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