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Ghanaian-American. Certified Life Coach. Conscious Leadership. I write about the mystical and rebel against rigid beliefs. Shhh✨


Nothing in the afterlife is as you’d expect it to be


Everything Was Huge

When I arrived at Silver City, I was handed over to Jesus’ right-hand man — Angel Michael — who guarded the pearly gate. The Angel of death who carried me had a few moments with Michael and told me he’d be on his way. I was expecting to see a serious-looking old angel at the gate who would play the tapes of my life and if I was deemed unworthy to enter would send me to hell, but he looked like a man, quite young and very cheery. He was busy flipping through some pages of a huge book titled…

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Soul missions

Writing manifestations and getting paid for your work

How badly do you want this? (Photo: Thought Catalog)

There is no such thing as a profitable niche. A niche is profitable because you say and make it so. A niche is profitable because you are knowledgeable in it. A niche is profitable because you have value to offer. A niche is profitable because you can talk about it all day long and never get tired of it. A niche is profitable because you set the intention for it to be profitable.

As a spiritual writer, did you forget your power to manifest anything you say you want? I didn’t forget. When I decided to focus on spirituality, although…


This is what Virgo really wants you to understand

Virgos are highly intelligent and have a reserved and pure aura about them. (Photo: Gerd Altmann)

Who a Virgo Really is

Most people think Virgo is this strict, critical workaholic who criticizes everything and everyone around them, but they don’t understand the true nature of Virgo.

Yes. A Virgo’s criticism can be maddening for sure, but their intention isn’t to be mean. Their intention is for everything to be the best it can possibly be. Their insistence on seeing the logic in everything ensures things are done and done properly.

Virgos get a bad name for being judgmental and holding people by strict standards, but that’s all to ensure things are done well. They’ll pick apart anything that’s isn’t done right…


2. Thinking You’re Losing Your Mind

Spiritual awakening is a wake-up call from the universe. (Photo: Gerd Altmann)

1. Realizing There’s More to Life Than You Knew

One day you wake up from what feels like a lifelong sleep and nothing is the same. You aren’t the same, and it’s like you’re seeing for the first time through a new set of eyes. You see beyond the illusions. Everything you thought you knew is false.

You start to see that your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and values are not actually your own, but other people’s or inherited from your society. You want no parts in that so you lose interest in all the things that previously made you happy.

You may become miserable trying to navigate. Nothing brings…

Wants and desires

And it’s okay to feel frustrated that you don’t have it

What you really, really want is what will bring you back to the real, authentic you. (Photo: Social Butterfly)

The Universe Takes Way Too Long, and The Ego Says…

It’s okay to want something so bad, and it’s okay to feel frustrated that you don’t have it. Sometimes the universe takes way too long in bringing us what we ask and work so hard for. Sometimes it just never comes, and we must forget it hoping we're pleasantly surprised.

When we think about what we want and we feel as if it may never happen, the ego screams abort the mission. The ego says you are stupid for believing it would come in the first place. It says it should have happened by now. The ego says forget it…


This is what libra really wants you to understand

Libras thrive on peace and harmony and need people who can respect that. (Photo: Gerd Altmann)

Who a Libra Really is

Most people think Libra is this indecisive, passive-aggressive hypocrite who just wants to please everybody, but they don't understand the true nature of Libra.

It’s not that Libras are indecisive; they want to think, analyze, ponder, and dissect stuff so they can see all sides. They want to consider multiple perspectives before making up their minds. They will not rush to make a decision because they want to be happy with the choices they’ve made and more importantly, they want others to be happy with the choices they’ve made.

As the sign that represents justice and diplomacy, Libra is adept…

Doing vs Being

All else will fail so you can return to your essence

Self-help and self-awareness together are the perfect duo, working in perfect harmony with each other. (Photo: Pixabay)

Self-Help Leads You Back to the Path

I was distracted.

I got distracted by the bad boys (ahem) and the shiny objects, and I wandered far, far away from myself. I got lost and by the time I became aware of myself and my surroundings; I had moved years and years away from my purpose.

My life was already too chaotic to be fixed by superficial things. I needed deep inner work.

I prayed for help.

I stumbled upon self-help and it did a marvelous job leading me back to the path I was on before.

Self-help as the masculine rules the body and mind. It helped…

Spiritual badassery

Whatever you intend, so it is

(Photo: Pixabay)

2020/2021 has ushered in the Age of Aquarius, which brings intense and powerful energies that if tapped into can create strong momentum to move you forward. With this intensity, there are a few skills that if mastered can propel you forward through the year and beyond:

1. Envisioning

To envision means to visualize or imagine a more desirable future. This is crucial because we have to be able to hold a vision for the future, a vision for ourselves and the planet as a whole. We must hold on to a forward-looking vision and hold it with a bit of stubbornness. …

Growing pains

I know that’s an unusual thing to say

Suffering is a choice. (Photo: Pixabay)

I hope you feel so invisible you wonder if you’re real.
I hope you keep trying and trying, but still don’t see results.
I hope you make so many mistakes; you wonder if you’re deserving.

I hope they break your heart so bad; you wonder if it works.
I hope you cry all night, that the tears wet your pillow.
I hope you feel so alone you wonder if anybody cares.

I hope you lose it all, including your mind.
I hope every day feels so gloomy; you don’t want to wake. …


The ego often disguises itself so it can control

When we have egos as big as mountains, we see other people’s egos even when it isn’t in the driver’s seat. (Photo: WOLKE108)

The Shadow Disguises Itself so It Can Point Fingers

The rigid rules of religion suck!

It’s no surprise that many people are leaving religions in search of something more flexible and deeper, and luckily the solo act of spirituality provides that and more.

Thank heavens.

But as more and more people flock to spirituality without dissolving their religious, rule-making/rule loving, judgmental egos first, spirituality starts to feel… egoic.

When you and I and many others are becoming spiritual, sooner or later, we’ll find many, many things to complain and judge others about. Spirituality will start to feel like religion when we bring preconceived notions about religion into spirituality.


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