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Ghanaian-American | I write about the mystical and rebel against rigid beliefs. Shhh…✨

A love story

It calls, and it pays

Work by pen and paper, fingers and keys. (Photo: Divya Gupta)

I’m a writer and my love for this work didn’t just begin. It began when I was just a little girl playing in the sand with ABCs. When I was a child, I always had a pen and notebook to jot thoughts and ideas down with. I always had a book under my pillow. My love for words drove me through my school years and now I’m a full-time, very proud, and happy writer living the life I always dreamed of. I’m a writer and I say it with my chin up. I say it as if my work is…

State of the world

There’s something great with cycles. (Photo: Nika Akin)

I feel weird. I feel everything. One minute I’m zen floating on a cloud and the next I’m trapped inside the moon struggling to breathe. One day I’m expanding to hug the skies and the next the sky is falling on top of my head. I’m stuck in a weird space, feeling every emotion that knocks on my door. I let them all in to not restrict and because of that; I feel all sorts of ways. I’m happy and excited at the wonders of the universe. I’m thrilled with the heavens and optimistic that the best times of my…

How death saved my life


I never thought I would look death in the eyes and say the words, “I love you.” Whenever I thought of death, I thought of shock, pain, darkness, and then boom — life was over just like that. Whenever I thought of death, I thought of sad, gloomy days that dragged me to the floor and eerie dark nights of the soul. I thought death was a bloody thief! It took my daddy away and didn’t even let me say goodbye. I was angry! Nothing made sense. Death also took love away. It tore apart my six-year-long relationship and broke…

Relationship Status

And what if we flipped the script?

Single people already face so much inner turmoil and pressure. (Photo: Grae Dickason)

I Should Have Told Him to Shut Up And Drive!

Every single word he said cut so deep into my heart it felt like it was leaking drops of blood into my stomach. It was nothing like I had ever experienced, and no matter what I said, he wouldn’t stop talking to me. He didn’t know his words were hurtful. He thought he was helping me get to the bottom of my problem — my singleness — but every word he said made me feel like I was sinking into his backseat.

He kept asking me to explain why I’m still single. He made me feel like it was wrong…

But we forget how ruthless God can be

But both adversity and blessings come from God. (Photo: Etienne Marais)

The Lord’s Anger

When suffering comes, it’s easier to blame the devil, but nobody ever thinks that God may be behind their suffering. God is a scary and ruthless God and we hate to see him that way. We want to see him as a God of love and he is, but he’s also a God who punishes.

The devil causes many sufferings, but he isn’t always the cause of our problems.

It wasn’t the devil who kept the Israelites wandering in the wilderness for forty years. It was their own doing through their rebellion against God.

God had saved them from slavery…

Ego and the higher self

You think someone's ego is big? Wait until you see a spiritual person develop an ego

A person can hold themselves in high esteem without being prideful. (Photo: mohamed Hassan)

A Spiritual Ego Is Difficult to Catch

A spiritual ego is the most subtle but dangerous type of ego to develop. It isn’t aggressive but it disguises itself as love and light, while it wreaks havoc in the darkness.

Because it isn’t as aggressive as the physical ego, it’s very difficult to catch. It hides beneath the surface, making a person feel as if he has it all figured out when, in reality, they still have so much to learn.

The moment we establish we’re spiritual, there’s a subtle sense of pride that rises within, and that's okay when we look at how far we've come. …


And how ho’oponopono saved me from my own wrath

(Photo: Dimitris Vetsikas)

On the very first date, he was all over me, kissing and touching me. That wasn’t a very good sign, yet I went along with it because I wanted to have some fun. But in my mind, I had written him off for moving too fast.

I strongly believe if a man is really serious about me, he would take it slow. After all, why rush when there’s forever to go? Unless he’s not thinking about forever.

In my head, this thing wasn’t going anywhere. Probably just a fling, but honestly, his kisses were so good. …


They are subtle and hold you back from forming a meaningful relationship with God

Idolatry is anything you seek to give you that which only God can give. (Photo: Pixabay)

In the olden days, people would bow down and worship statues and images, but idolatry looks so much different nowadays.

Idols are very subtle these days and they covertly root themselves into your life. Because they’re so subtle it can be very difficult to identify an idol.

Anything and anyone that competes for your total devotion to God is an idol. Even good things can become idols when it becomes more important to you than God.

The bible has so much to say about idolatry, but none of it is positive. It was looked down upon both in the old…


When you try to bypass the pain, it doesn't go away

Singleness is sacred, and the universe wants you to honor this time by healing yourself. (Photo: Anthony Tran)

Because you became so used to being in a relationship, suddenly being single can make you feel like a fish out of water struggling to breathe.

After everything your ex put you through — the abuse, the neglect, the disrespect, and the humiliation — you may still be missing him/her and the pain may be unbearable.

Despite the pain and heartache, you may still miss the relationship and the sense of security and comfort it provided you.

To bypass the pain, you may get into a new relationship so you can just get over them as quickly as possible.



Is not ready to get married

It isn’t the natural order of things for a woman to be out looking for a husband. (Photo: Jose Antonio Alba)

As long as you’re desperately looking for a husband, then you’re not truly ready for him. When you’re really ready, you’ll be too busy working on your soul's purpose to be feeling lack.

You can’t walk around every day with a wanting spirit, seeing a husband in every man that smiles at you.

Is there anything wrong with wanting to get married? No. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a husband. Even God said it’s not good for man to be alone, but you have to want it, release it and your attachment to it and then wait for it.


Kimberly Fosu

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