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Ghanaian-American | I write about the mystical and rebel against rigid beliefs. Shhh…✨

Air, power, and smoke

Without mastering these things, you become like a dry leaf in a wind storm

If you aren’t in your power, these things are powerless. (Photo: Free-Photos)

1. Breathwork

When the spiritual journey starts to get crazy, and it will, you have to learn to breathe to calm yourself down.

Breath is the foundation of Spirit-uality.

Your breath is one of the most sacred parts of your existence. …

Energy, souls, and power

If only we could see the things that get transferred

Sexual energy is powerful energy and not the kind of energy you want to waste or play around with. (Photo: S. B.)

1. It’s a Mixing of Energies

On an energetic level, each person transfers energy into the other during sex. Diseases are passed on. Moods are passed on. Trauma can be passed on. Anger and sadness can pass through. Happiness, joy, and love can also be transferred during sex.

That is because the energy that is released…

Synchronicity, certainty, and repetition

Ego can get in the way of intuition, which is almost always right

Intuition or gut feeling is your body’s natural guidance system. (Photo: StockSnap)

1. You’re Getting Signs and Synchronicity

Ego will be quick to say signs and synchronicities are just what the mind was looking for and therefore found it. Why is ego so troublesome? Well, ego can be a problem, but it isn’t a problem.

It means well.

The ego is just a scaredy-cat that doesn’t want you…

You can call me weird, it’s okay

Nothing makes sense, but these three things will bring me close to finding answers. (Photo: peter_pyw)

1. Old Age

No, I don’t want to be an old lady right now. I want to enjoy my youth. I want to enjoy every season and every rite of passage. I don’t want to skip important steps. …

Memories, mission, and meaning

First, you agreed to forget everything about past lives

There’s more to the story than we can remember. (Photo: Catkin)

1. You Agreed to Forget Everything

Imagine coming to earth knowing you had a sit down with God, mapped out your entire life, and shook hands with him after signing a soul contract.

How would you act?

As a human who was going to grow to develop an ego, if you knew this information, you’d be…

The monkey mind, the old self, and the destination

#2. You can never go back to who you used to be

The moment you awaken, the undo button disappears forever. (Photo: Sarah Richter)

1. You’ll Lose Your Mind Along the Way

Calm down. This isn’t to scare you. But yes, you will lose your mind or feel like you’re losing it and that’s an amazing thing.

Trust me.

You need to lose your always whirring, constantly whizzing monkey mind in order to hear your soul’s silent speech.

Sure. Everyone’s spiritual journey…

Many lies | One truth

You can only overcome if you can be brutally honest with yourself

Your thoughts become your reality, so whatever you think is what is. (Photo: Pixabay)

I. The Blockage Is in The Story

There are some areas of our lives where everything is a breeze. We want it and we get it and we get it easily and effortlessly. No struggles, no hassles, and heart desires are served to us on a silver platter.

Whatever we ask for is given to us.


The past, peace, and guidance

Even if you're walking all alone with dark clouds for company

Without the dark clouds above, the seeds sown below would not get water to grow. (Photo: Adam_Tumidajewicz)

1. Your Past No Longer Controls You

The ego loves the past and wants to hold on so tightly it refuses to let go. It loves the old sense of self so much it brings it into every new story.

The ego loves the past story, but the universe doesn’t love that.

The universe doesn’t want the…

#2. You take responsibility for the things you’ve done

(Photo: Satya Tiwari)

1. You Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

There are two groups of people in this world: those who spill their coffee in the car, say “fuck” once or twice, clean up the mess, and keep on humming to the music playing on the radio, and then there are those who fumble to clean the spill while cursing…


#3. You can do bad all by yourself

Your brain works differently. (Photo: Adina Voicu)

1. You’re as Curious as A Cat

The smartest students answer all the hard questions, but who asks those questions? It's the gifted students. As a gifted person, you ask questions because you’re extremely curious about the world around you.

You want to know and understand things most people don’t care about. …

Kimberly Fosu

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