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Ghanaian-American | Spiritual Life Coach | Creative Writer | Pisces/Aquarius. I love writing about the mystical ✨

This is you

Stop blaming the world and take responsibility for yourself

You’re the main character of your story and the world plays no part in that story. (Photo: StockSnap)

This is Your Journey And Responsibility

I know. Life happens and we end up getting hurt. Things happen that breaks us. It’s easier dealing with the hurt feelings when there’s someone or something to blame. It feels a little better when we point fingers. But what happens when you point a finger? You have three fingers pointing back at you.

Your feelings are valid and you must give yourself time to feel everything but if you stay hurting everyday over things that happened in the past and you’re trying to get the world to feel your pain, please get out of that mentality because it doesn’t help you. …

Dear Twin Flame

A typical twin flame story

“A twin flame is an intense soul connection, thought to be a person’s other half. It’s based on the idea that sometimes one soul gets split into two bodies.” (Photo: Avonne Stalling)

My twin flame is finally here, and he’s perfect for me. The chemistry and the attraction feel so good! He’s my exact opposite, but not in an overbearing Pisces-Leo, introvert-extrovert duo. It’s the magical Pisces-Virgo, both introverts perfect for each other kind of match made in the cosmos. It feels right! It’s like God Himself swiped right on both of us and brought us together. He mirrors me and I mirror him. He shows me myself and I show him himself. Although I’m spiritual and he’s a scientist, he's not close-minded, no. He’s fascinated with spirituality and wants to listen to me talk about it all day long. …


Unsolicited advice goes through one ear and out through the other

We are sometimes too quick to give unsolicited advice, but most people don’t need it. (Photo: Mohamed Hassan)

I Knew Exactly What I Needed To Do

And that was to leave the struggling relationship that was draining my energy and the job that was pushing my buttons every single day. I knew those two things weren’t working out anymore. I knew it the whole time I was putting up with it. I knew how the relationship was making me look and how the job was distracting me from my true purpose. I knew I deserved better than a man who disrespected me and a job that chose not to see my effort. I knew the toll they were both having on my mental health, and I didn't need anybody to tell me that. Whenever I had conversations with friends about my situation and they tried to tell me what to do or give me advice, they missed the point. I had the answers I needed. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I just wasn’t ready to do it. …

Family Patterns/Cycles

You are not bound or tethered to negative family patterns

Your past and generational patterns do not define who you are, and they shouldn’t define who your children are. (Photo: Clker)

My mother is a loner. She always has because she doesn’t like people very much. People seemed to annoy her a lot, and she got into plenty of fights. She is a no-bullshit, no-nonsense type of woman who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is or call people out for the dumb things they did. Because of this, she kept to herself. She had her husband, kids, one close friend and she was content. She didn’t need friends. I saw my mother keep to herself, and I saw how peaceful she was. No drama and no annoyances. She also got lonely sometimes, although she won't admit it. It all didn’t seem bad, so I grew up feeling the same way. I didn’t really care for friends. Honestly, as a young adult, I found friends intrusive and annoying. They always want to be in your business and ask you annoying questions. I enjoyed being alone because of the peace associated with it. It became a pattern. …

Computer Vision Syndrome

5 tips to protect your eyes from digital screens

You only get two eyes so it's your responsibility to take good care of them. (Photo: Maxim Ilyahov)

No matter the kind of writer you are, there is one part of the writing process you can't get away from, and that’s spending long hours staring at your phone or a computer screen. If you're like me and you find that your vision is blurry or you have headaches at the end of the day, you could be at risk for computer vision syndrome.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome (CVS) also known as digital eye strain is a vision-related problem that results from prolonged computer, tablet, and cell phone use. …

Life lessons

Be grateful for the lessons it taught you

The most important thing about karmic relationships is that your soul chose this experience for you. (Photo: Hamed Mehrnik)

Intense and Magnetic Beginnings

“Damn, who is that?” Those are the words that came out of my mouth when I first saw my ex. It felt as if I’d known him before, and I was curious to know more about him. Something within me was unsettled, but I was so attracted to him and his beautiful skin, and I wanted him in my life. I had no idea what I was in for.

I had no idea I was drooling over the man who was going to break me in ways I didn’t know I could break. It was a karmic relationship, which means I’d probably been in a similar situation before in a past life which I learned nothing from, so I attracted it back into my life so I could learn the lesson. …


This may seem like a great thing from the outside

You only run out of ideas when you stop living. (Photo: Gerd Altmann)

I’m struggling as a writer. Not in ways you are imagining. It isn’t about money. Money is energy, and it flows easily. It isn’t about a lack of views or followers. I write from my heart and soul so I know not that problem.

I’m struggling because so many great ideas are going to waste. And it’s sad. I had a brilliant idea, and I wrote it down thinking no worries, I’ll get to it in about three years. I already have so many ideas written down that I still need to get to. …

Relationships & happiness

It doesn't mean it's okay for people to take away from it

If you truly love your partner, you make their happiness your priority and if you think their happiness isn’t your job, at least don’t take away from it. (Photo: StockSnap)

I recently wrote an article, and I talked about how negatively a lack of love and unhappiness in a relationship affects children. I wrote, “If a daughter sees her mommy unhappy all the time in a relationship, she grows up thinking that's okay and if a son sees his father unhappy and failing to make the mother happy, she grows up thinking happiness isn't a requirement in a relationship.” Many people seemed to have a problem with the statement.

Nobody is responsible for your happiness and I agree with that, but just because I have to make myself happy doesn’t mean people are allowed to keep doing things that make me unhappy. …

Enough is enough

Stop thinking about the good old days

If you broke up with someone, then there was something that wasn't working. (Photo: S. Hermann & F. Richter)

When it comes to exes who were bad on your mental and emotional health, it’s okay to think about the bad and the negative because reminiscing on the good old days keeps you stuck.

If you’ve recently been through a breakup and searched online for help, you will find advice like times heals all wound, spend time with friends, travel, or find a new hobby. Well, newsflash, time doesn’t heal all wounds and when it does, it leaves a scar. When you spend time with friends, they leave at the end of the day and a new hobby? Sure, I can start painting, but what about when I put that palette away and lay the brush down? It works when you are busy, but what happens when you aren't? …

Soul Missions

Sometimes you are made to move so you can fulfill your purpose

“Comfort is your biggest trap and coming out of comfort zone your biggest challenge.” (Photo: silviarita)

You Won’t Fit in if You Were Made for a Bigger Purpose

All my life, I felt like I didn’t belong. I couldn’t even understand why my parents had me. I mean, my old man(rip dad) was 52 and my mom was 41 when they had me. My dad had nine kids and my mom had seven. Together they had six. As the last of all of those children, I felt I wouldn’t have been missed if I wasn’t born because there were so many of us!

As a kid, every time I upset my mother, she would bring up how much she suffered during my birth. …

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