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The lesser of two evils

Anger is the fastest way out of depression

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“Instead of getting depressed, get angry. If you get angry, you’ll fight.” (Photo: Pascal BORTOT on Pixabay)

Anger Comes With Energy

When you are angry, you have so much energy you want to break some shit! You scream loudly into the pillow and you kick as hard as you can. You throw yourself up and down on the bed. You get up, storm out, and slam the door! That feels good!

You go running or to the gym to work the emotions out of your system. You take a hike into the forest and you scream at the top of your lungs. You come home tired; you shower and you find something to eat! You feel nourished.

When you are angry, you are busy fighting and changing your situation even if all you do is fight your pillow! …


How to unblock and strengthen the throat chakra

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Blue is associated with purity and therefore connects with the concept of truth. (Photo: Peter Lomas on Pixabay)

What Is The Throat Chakra?

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra. It is associated with the color blue and located in the center of the neck. It relates to the air element through sound.

It is one of the uppermost chakras which are considered the most spiritual. It acts as the “bottleneck” serving as the passageway of energy into the “bottle” (the body.)

Energy from the universe enters through the upper three chakras (crown, third eye, and throat), moves through the middle chakras (heart, solar plexus, and sacral) pushing down dense energies in the body to exit through the root chakra.

The throat chakra is associated with the highest truth and connects the ethereal and spiritual realms to the physical and material world. …

Rising above regret

At any moment, you can let go of the weight of who you’ve been and allow yourself a better chance of becoming who you are meant to be

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Regret is an emotion that can stick around for hours, days, years where we replay the scenarios over and over again in our heads, and sometimes it haunts us for the rest of our lives if we don't transcend it. (Photo: sir5life0 on Pixabay)

Regret Like Any Other Emotion Serves a Purpose

Regret is the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you know you made the wrong choice, and the result isn’t what you wanted it to be. We perceive regret as a negative emotion and therefore a negative state of mind. And in a way, it’s living in the past and this state of mind isn’t in tune with the concept of mindfulness and self-awareness, but just because we’re trying to be present and aware doesn’t mean we have to sweep our emotions under the rug.

Regret is our brain’s way of telling us to reflect on our choices — a signal that any wrong choice or action may lead to negative consequences. Regret helps us gain insight into a situation, avoid future negative actions, and make sense of the world. …

Happy Thanksgiving 2020

And I’m thankful for those who support me on my journey

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There is always something to be thankful for. (Photo: Pete Linforth on Pixabay)

I’m Thankful for the Pain and Suffering

Back in February 2020, I was lost. I was feeling the doom and gloom that was headed earth’s way before it even got here. I had no idea what was coming, but I knew something was on its way and I was petrified.

I was alone in my thoughts, my family was oceans away and I was going through the darkest and longest dark night of the soul. I didn’t know what would save me or how I could make a difference in the world. I was tired, I was sad, and I was angry as hell about life.

I was sitting in a cubicle feeling depressed and unfulfilled, deciding whether it was time to quit my unhappy job. But what would I do? …

Getting through the chaos

You aren’t failing if you are having a hard time

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When the past is gloomy, the present unsettling, and the future uncertain. (Photo: Stefan Keller on Pixabay)

The disorientation of this time is a theme

I've had quite a few low days this week, I mean, what is happening? It's hard to explain, but I've had a lot of resistance around everything that is going on. I’ve had days of heartbreak about what I am seeing, feeling, hearing, and observing all around the world.

Things are moving so fast and I’m feeling it. …

The absence of a smile does not equal unhappiness

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Just because I’m happy doesn’t mean I have to smile, and just because I smile doesn’t mean I’m happy (Photo: Алина Осипова on Pixabay)

“You aren’t smiling — something must be missing.”

Since my adolescent years, I’ve never been one who smiles all day long, and definitely not one for smiling on cue. In fact, if you didn’t know me at all, you would assume I’m having the least amount of fun, but that is not true at all.

I smile a lot — when I feel like it — and I've gotten better at expressing the smile within. Outside appearances mean very little to me, and as long as my heart is happy, that's all that matters.

A couple of nights ago, I went to sleep telling myself how much I loved her. I fell asleep feeling safe and sound. I was alive, and I had no troubles so I slept like a baby, knowing someone — me — has got me no matter what. …

Self-awareness to self-transformation

Shadow work is the highest form of light work you will do

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Bits and pieces of what makes us who we are become lost in the shadow, leaving us with feelings of emptiness. (Photo: 愚木混株 Cdd20 on Pixabay)

What Is the Shadow?

For many people, the term ‘shadow’ brings up all kinds of negative and dark associations. Because of this, it is easy to assume that shadow work is a dark spiritual practice that involves the negative and sinister aspects of our personality.

The shadow is dark because we are made of both light and dark aspects. But it is part of who we are and we can't be afraid of ourselves.

The shadow was first brought into the Western world by psychologist Carl Jung. He described it as the unconscious and disowned parts of our personalities that the ego fails to see, acknowledge, and accept. …

“Clear your mind, see the molecules, and make them vibrate” — Balthazar

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“Everything we see is in a constant state of vibration — that’s the illusion of solidity.” (Photo: Enrique Meseguer on Pixabay)

Sorcerers are born with the ability to use the entire power of their brains

In the movie, the Sorcerer’s apprentice, Balthazar Blake (played by Nicolas Cage) was teaching his young apprentice Dave Stutler (played by Jay Baruchel) how to start a fire using magic.

Balthazar and Dave had just retrieved Balthazar’s car, which he restored with a spell after it was impounded for 10 years while he was stuck in an urn.

In the car, Balthazar asked Dave to put on his sorcerer’s ring and said, “You’ve heard how people use only 10% of their brains? Sorcerers can manipulate matter because they’re born with the capability to use the entire power of their brains.”

Dave asks, “So wait is sorcery science or magic?” …

Astrology 101

The goddess of love, beauty, and abundance

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Because of her beauty, every god and every man wanted her for a wife (Photo: Aphrodite)

I. Aphrodite: The Goddess of Love And Beauty

In ancient mythology, Venus — the Roman goddess of love — is syncretized with Aphrodite, the Olympian goddess of sex, love, and beauty. She was known as the ultimate divine feminine among the gods. Aphrodite is said to have been formed of sea foam from Uranus’s (the Greek god of the sky) genitals that were cut off and thrown in the sea by Cronus, his troubled son.

Aphrodite was formed by the help of the fishes in the sea, born on the shore, and became the goddess of love, beauty, sex, pleasure, money, and fertility. She was also worshipped as the goddess of the sea. …


How to strengthen and align the heart chakra

Green carries the vibration of growth, new beginnings, health, renewal, harmony, peace, and love.
Green carries the vibration of growth, new beginnings, health, renewal, harmony, peace, and love.
Green carries the vibration of growth, new beginnings, health, renewal, harmony, peace, and love. (Image: Peter Lomas on Pixabay)

The wisest people in ancient cultures knew that all living things carried a life force energy within them that fuels and moves them. They called this energy — that aligns and spins through the spine — the chakras.

The seven chakras power the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic body. They control all aspects of our wellbeing.

When in alignment, we feel healthy, fulfilled, and at peace. When out of alignment, our energies are all over the place (literally).

The heart chakra is the middle of the seven chakras and therefore links the upper and lower chakras. …

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